Feed The Kitty Power Hour (Podcast 2017)

Feed the Kitty

Every Wednesday at 2 p.m. PST

Every Wednesday at 2 p.m. PST

Join the laughter when Local South Bay musicians Jack Maher (Guitar/Vocals) and Jed Mottley (bass) take their onstage banter on air to discuss music, personal stories interlaced with music industry interviews and their original music. 

Feed the Kitty is an American rock back from Los Angeles, CA. consisting of Jack Maher, Jed Mottley and Jon Shumway and they may just be the hardest working band in Southern California. Performing over 300 shows a year, these guys do it all. The Kitty has enjoyed plenty of musical success. In fact, if you’ve seen the movies “Lars and the Real Girl” or “National Lampoon’s: Cattle Call” you’ve already heard Feed The Kitty’s music on their respective soundtracks!

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